About Giulia


I am a Canadian student living near Hamilton, Ontario.  I initially got involved with the “WE Movement” after I attended my first "WE Day" event in 2015. Young people can earn their way to this event by doing one local and one global project in their community. "WE Day" is a daylong event held to celebrate the work youth have done over the past year. It is very motivational and inspiring. 

After I attended my first event, I knew I wanted to get involved more, so I started fundraising with my two sisters, Joelle and Gina.

Last summer, we sold cookies at our dad’s work and we raised over $400!  We decided we would give the money to the "WE Movement” to support education in Kenya. My next goal is to raise enough money to build a school in Kenya, and for that I need $10,000.

I hope that you can help me reach my goal!

How the funds are being raised

To raise the $10,000 I am:

  • Organizing bake sales at my Dad's work (check calendar for specific dates)
  • Selling self-made pencil cases 

Why am I passionate about this project?

Being involved with the "WE Movement" is very important to me as it makes me feel good and I love making a difference. I am able to use my sewing and baking skills to raise money so that I can help others, which I find rewarding. I am passionate about access to education because it is a part of my everyday life. Education is something a lot of us take for granted, yet there are so many children around the world without it. I know how essential it is to receive an education and I really want to be able to give others the same opportunity through my project!

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